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Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Act 1956 Section 25, Govt. of India
Entrepreneurship - R&D - Skill Development
(IT Literacy, Cyber Security & Process Outsourcing)

About Us

All India Information Technology Association (AIITA)

Under the gracious presence of Supreme Court Advocate Justice V. S. Kokje (The then Governor of Himachal Pradesh) and the dignitaries of 500 IT companies along with a large number of IT professionals, All India IT Association was established in 2007.The association has been listed under section 25 of company Act of Ministry of corporate Affairs (Govt. of India) to conduct and run awareness programs and activities of computer and IT education. It coordinates and motivates it nationwide member through conducting seminars workshops symposium and conference across the country. The association has carved landmark identity in organizing and sponsoring national as wells International It conference to boost the cause of IT awareness.

The focus areas of the association are rural, urban and remote tribal territories to serve the purpose through its vision and mission. It has been sole motive of the association to support the policies and guidelines of IT department of the state and union government through its vision and mission. The association promotes Tailor made job oriented computer education and other job-oriented courses among Student and growth to generate new opportunities.

A heritage of over 12 years in the services, more 5000 members and more than 7 lakh students have been benefited by the association so far. The association is one of the leading organizations in the computer education sector, and holds national and international status.  The association’s members are proud of a decade legacy in providing quality education and training in computer technology and advanced IT courses.

The association is promoting awareness of Cyber Security along with World Standardization Certification –London. The association also offers many tailor made computer courses and other. The association has resolved to disseminate the essential IT education through its various educational endeavors with over 5000 registered members across the country. The association is a platform where the best of Indian IT professionals come together for developing an IT Literate nation.  These programs are delivered to the student through the Academic Institutional Learning center (AILC).These center have state of the art infrastructure to facilitate effective delivery of the programs and are working towards the welfare of the IT community at large.

The association helps to protect their interests and to struggle for their legitimate rights, general extension of computer literacy and vocational computer education. To minimize fee for computer higher education, the association supports to organize syllabus on the subjects of Information Technology, organize campus and seminars of experts to provide a forum and facilities for the exchange of information and experience. The association is prepared to promote development of IT enabled services to promote, encourage and take part in survey research studies in the IT field.  All India Information Technology Association paves way for companies, corporate groups and firms that  involve in Corporate Social Responsibility in various field to encourage computer education, Human Rights, Health, Woman Empowerment, IT Expo, IT seminars, Cyber Security workshops  and other educational cause.


To act as a catalyst for the growth of IT, ITeS industries, promote & encourage Information Technology and to represents Professionals, Companies, and Organizations involved in consulting, providing products and services pertaining to Information Technology sector at National and International level.


To collaborate with various National and International Industrial Associations/Government Bodies and work towards a common objective of sustainable growth, leadership, encourage & safeguard interests of IT industry.


    • To provide strong platform for IT Companies, Corporate, Industries, Institutes, Professionals, Academicians and Students for enhancing their potential.
    • AIITA's sole objective is to follow the basic guidelines of ministry of IT and support the policies and awareness campaigns.
    • To form development cooperation forum to reviews the latest trends and progress in international development cooperation, and encourages coordination across diverse activities.
    • To encourage, promote and safeguard business interest of member companies engaged in Information Technology (IT), IT Enabled Services sectors.
    • Help members to grow and enable platforms to create new business opportunities.
    • To work in coordinating national, international development, educational, technological and economic growth to support government policies
    • To access to quality training & education
    • To promote awareness and importance of conservation of energy and women empowerment through computer literacy movement across the country
    • To coordinate and develop new approaches with other IT Associations, Forums and organizations of the world.
    • To create and grow an educational ambience rich in diversity and dialogue, where technology serves as a bridge among people.
    • To generate full freedom of technological innovation; the basis of universal knowledge, development and economic growth.
    • To safeguard constitutional rights and legal securities of members by expertise panel and settle their disputes in an amicable manner.
    • To organize Awards Ceremony to motivate and encourage people for better performance to serve the nation.
    • To aware and generate as ICT literacy, Digital Literacy and Media and Information Literacy.
    • To foster technology and economic integration in different sector of business, IT industries and global contexts
    • To disseminate knowledge, education and innovative approach by publishing News Paper, Bulletin, Magazine and other reference e-books for awareness of initiative of the association.
    • To develop benefit from technological and economical advances.

                  Registration & Recognitions

    • AIITA is registered in section 25 of company Act of Ministry of corporate Affairs (Govt. of India)
    • AIITA is a associate member of South Asian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI).  
    • AIITA is registered under a trade mark of Government of India. Trade Mark No. is 1624740.
    • AIITA News is monthly e- publication of All India IT Association that is a common platform for IT people to view, review and analytical aspects of current technologies.
    • All India Information Technology Association is Collaborated with World Standardization Certification –London for international certification courses and ALMA.