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Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Act 1956 Section 25, Govt. of India
Entrepreneurship - R&D - Skill Development
(IT Literacy, Cyber Security & Process Outsourcing)

Industry Forum

Industry Forum is an informal, non-profit network supported by individuals and complementary partners from the industrial, scientific and political community. We are adjoining forces for learning from each other, creating quick-wins and securing future competitive advantages and profitability.

Our complementary network is open for different forms of participation. Depending on the activity level and the character of the partner-organization we are differentiating between:

  1. Hosting Partners
  2. Network Partners
  3. Supportive Open Standards and Organizations
  4. Supporters

Hands-on help in all the areas you need

Working with your team, engaging at every level, Industry Forum deliver competitive advantage and sustainable results in three practical ways.

  1. We analyze and transform operations by providing expert consultants and interim resource skills
  2. We inspire and train your key staff.
  3. And we audit, benchmark and monitor business performance.

Events and Summits

Besides participating in various interesting events, Industry Forum is actively hosting an annual summit as the major source of inspiration and information.

Innovation Radar
Industry Forum is providing you with a powerful “Innovation Radar” for retrieving short-, mid- and long-term information about technologies, emerging standards, tools, processes and people – in general or from the specific perspective of different industries. Commercial companies are carefully selected and invited to join the partner network, based on annual fees for different activity levels.

Some of the techniques successfully deployed include:

  • Developing business policy deployment systems to ensure all improvement activities within the organization support overall strategic objectives.
  • Implementing robust data collection and analysis systems to identify business improvement opportunities relating to Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Environment and Manpower (SQCDEM).
  • Driving daily management processes enabling first line leadership to control their processes, implementing local level problem solving and improvement.
  • Developing the capability and autonomous ownership of workplace teams to identify and implement improvement opportunities
  • Application of robust problem solving methodologies to improve quality and prevent defect reoccurrence both internally and at customers
  • Optimization of product changeovers and adjustments to reduce start-up and shut-down efficiency losses and increase flexibility to manufacture in smaller batch sizes
  • The implementation of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methods to drive improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness and reducing manufacturing costs per unit.