Mon, Jul 15, 2024

Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Act 1956 Section 25, Govt. of India
Entrepreneurship - R&D - Skill Development
(IT Literacy, Cyber Security & Process Outsourcing)


All India Information Technology Association (AIITA)

All India Information Technology Association is a Not-for-profit organization that associates and collaborates with many business segments of economy, industries, corporate and service sectors. The association has been listed under section 25 of company Act of Ministry of corporate Affairs (Govt. of India). The focus of the association is to enhance skills and jobs and to strengthen India's Innovation and Impact.

Under the gracious presence of Supreme Court Judge Justice V. S. Kokje (The then Governor of Himachal Pradesh), All India IT Association was established in 2007. which deals into IT Services, IT Products, Gaming, Engineering/ R&D Services/Embedded Services, Internet / e-Commerce (Institutional) Education & Training, Insurance, Financial institutions venture capital, Legal & regulatory, Professional Services, Public Sector, Business / Management consultant, Corporate, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Telecom Services, Trade & investment.  The orientations of the association are rural, urban and remote tribal territories to serve the purpose through its vision and mission. It has been the sole motive of the association to support the policies and guidelines of the IT department of the state and union government through its vision and mission. The association promotes Tailor made job oriented computer education and other job-oriented courses among students and growth to generate new opportunities.

The etched journey of over 15 years in the services, more than 5000 members have been benefited by the association so far. The association is one of the leading organizations in the computer education sector, and holds national and international status.  The association’s members are proud of a decade-long legacy in providing quality education and training in computer technology and advanced IT courses. The association is promoting awareness of Cyber Security along with International Quality Certification (IQC) London. The association also offers many tailor made computer courses and other. The association is a platform where the best of National/International IT professionals come together for developing an IT Literate Country.  These programs are delivered to the student through the Authorized Training Centre (ATC). The Association has collaborated with iudex International to carry out efforts of synergy. It has also enhanced efforts to acquire quality through International Quality Certification (IQC) for its members and associates. Apart from these, it has also coordinated and collaborated with South Asian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SACCI) to develop and enhance South Asian Economy of the associated countries through creating various educational economic and business activities among its members and associated business groups. iudex International Law is another global organization that has collaborated its proficiency and efficacy to protect legal rights at National and International level. In the South Asia region, AIITA has approached its core and peripheral activities through MoU and other business interaction with SACCI. This will develop International exchange of business groups, educational academies, institutes and IT professionals to showcase their potential and business growth.

The association protects the interests of its members and is aware of their legitimate rights, The association is prepared to promote development of IT enabled services to promote, encourage and take part in survey research studies in the IT field and other concerned segments.  It paves way for companies, corporate groups and occupational institutes that are involved in Corporate Social Responsibility in various fields to encourage Education, Health, Woman Empowerment, Skill Development and other socio-economic causes.