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AIITA Arwal Centre (Bihar) provides advanced Computer and IT educational courses for rural and urban 31/10/2017

Interviewed By Dr. Dilip N. Pandit  

Our centre motivates students for Computer and job oriented IT courses.

Arwal town is the administrative headquarters of Arwal district in Bihar state of India. It was earlier part of Jehanabad district.. Arwal, the district headquarters is approximately 80 km south from the state capital Patna. It is situated on the right side bank of the river Son, which is a tributary to the River Ganges.The economy of Arwal depends on agriculture only. Most of the population resides in villages and are farmers. The entire district is well irrigated due to the proper arrangement of canals. There is no existence of any industry or other business centre.

All India IT Association (AIITA) is one of the leading organizations that offer IT education across the country and it has started a study centre in Arwal in Bihar.  On being asked about the importance of AIITA’s job-oriented courses, he said that Arwal has literacy level of 45%.The level of primary and middle education is satisfactory, but in higher education district has not very good representation. It has 3 colleges, 39 high schools, 187 middle schools and 282 primary schools under state govt. of Bihar.  Our centre provides advanced computer and IT educational courses for students of both rural and urban areas. These views were expressed by Arwal (Bihar) AIITA study centre head Mr.Vijay Kumar.

He said that our main focus is to promote aware and educate rural and tribal students those are residing in rural areas of the district. Our study centre is are going to hold seminars and surveys in private, Govt. schools and coaching institutes and motivates students for Computer and job oriented IT courses.