Tue, Jun 25, 2019
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Registered Under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Act 1956 Section 25, Govt. of India
Entrepreneurship - R&D - Skill Development
(IT Literacy, Cyber Security & Process Outsourcing)


  1. AIITA will fight for your Legal Rights.
  2. The respected members of AIITA will have benefits of visiting and participating national and international IT conferences from time to time.
  3. AIITA could recognized you by providing a post also at the state level, district level or zonal level.
  4. AIITA logo can be used after becoming the member of AIITA.
  5. The members of AIITA who have flair of expertise on IT base subjects would be availed of being honorable guest of functions and activities conducted by the association across the country.
  6. AIITA would provide you potential networking solutions to enhance your working.
  7. You would avail the facility of promoting your business opportunities through AIITA News- a monthly bulletin
  8. Members could run projects like NSDC Programs to promote the cause of Skills Development among youth.
  9. AIITA will facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas within particular areas of interest.
  10. AIITA encourages and recognizes the performance of its members through National Excellence awards.